Hello, and welcome to The Hollywood Snob Photography Blog. Your probably wanting to know a little about me and who I am!

My name is Allysandra Cervantes, Photography over the past year has become a huge passion of mine. I’ll admit it…im addicted! I decided to create this blog to archive my progressions in the Photography industry. To showcase my images, and have people follow along as I dive into the world of Photography. Exploring new concepts, new areas of photography, becoming more comfortable with my camera and capturing great photos. I am very excited, for what life has to offer and what many surprises are in store for me. I hope to someday work in the world of fashion photography, directing photoshoots, photographing runway shows, and working along side and be featured in high profile magazines. Through continuous hardwork and perseverance I know I will make my dreams come true. Sky’s the limit for this little photographer!


A.Hollywood xo